[Interview] Group S (English translation)

29 Sep

Translation by Esther@OMK

The hosts mention that S is sitting next to them (pointing to their right).
The male host asks S to wait just a few minutes and the female host
adds, “yes, today is Tuesday and we will be meeting S shortly”
and then the male host steps in again to continue with, “but first…
let’s watch and meet them through this [videotaped footage] VCR.”

That’s why you see a very surprised S because they didn’t expect the
cameras to come on them at that moment!^^

The male host says, “instead of [viewing the tape] the VCR, let’s
meet them first in person. Everyone, here’s S!! Hello, how are you?
And who would like to introduce himself first?” Then KT, JH and HS
each introduced themselves by saying their name and that they are
from the group S.

The female host comments that this is the first time 3 very handsome
men came onto their program together. The male host then asked
S what it was that they wanted to say before…

Then HS responded, “it’s not what we wanted to say, but we wanted
to [do something with their fingers onto the screen]…” To which the
male host jokingly responded, “you wanted to do that corny thing?!”
(laughter from all).

Male host: Well we’re very happy to have the 3 of you here and so
I hear the 3 of you are all born in 1979, right? The Year of the
S: Yes, the Year of the Sheep

Hosts: So you know how some even though you’re the same age, some make a big deal about being older by a month or 2, etc…so how
about the 3 members of S?
HS: Well, I’m the youngest…and JH is the oldest…and actually KT is
just barely older than me…one month.
JH: Yes, I’m MUCH older than both of them and actually, I hear that
I ate alot when I was younger…(note: JH may have been joking/pun
about being older vs. eating alot…not sure?…in Korean, to indicate
you are older, the literal words said are “I ate more”) –so I think JH was being corny and then finished his joke with– “…they say I drank
a lot of milk from the bottle too…”()
HS: That’s why you see JH in the middle…

Hosts: You know how when you have a team/group/band, during
interviews and such, you’ll see that the members usually have a
set order/formation of seating — is this how you usually sit too?
S: yes.
HS: JH is S’ main vocalist and so he’s in the middle.
JH: (jokingly)…and we have to my left, “Ja Pil Gyu” and to my right,
“Woo Chil Hyun” (Ja indicates left and Woo indicates right)^^ not sure
what “pil gyu” means…perhaps this is HS’ real name too?? or a

Male host: This is not the first time the 3 of you worked together,
KT: Yes, previously, with the song “Doll”…I wrote it and these 2 friends
sang the song. Then it was really more of a special surprise project…
HS: Yes, as it was introduced, Doll was a project.
KT: But with S, we actually did a complete album as a group.

Male host: Let’s watch the footage now…here’s how S was
created… (then the tape plays…)

As you see footage of JH, HS and KT during their debuts, each
member laughs and comments, “oh no…what are you doing?!”

As Doll is played, the host asks S if this is when they started
discussing doing the S album…
JH: Actually, we started talking about it from before Doll…

Then footage of JH dancing^^ (JH is screaming, “Oh, why do you
keep showing that! Oh no, don’t!!”)

After the clip, JH fans himself and says that he’s sweating…
Male host jokes (after HS says, “why am I clapping?!”) that HS
must have enjoyed seeing those earlier clips, to which HS jokes,
“no, not really…”

Hosts: Wow…so you might say that the birth of S took over a 2 year
period of pregnancy… then the male host mentioned that his wife
is currently 9 months pregnant and some female is 7 weeks
pregnant (perhaps the female host?) ]…”Why am I talking about this?”

JH: Oh, congratulations!
HS: Yes, we were talking about music and all of a sudden we’re
now talking about pregnancy…

HS: Actually, the discussions of the 3 of us doing an album
together was a long time before…
KT: Yes, about 3 years ago…
HS: Yes, and when we actually started working on the album
was about one…
KT: Yes, it’s been about one year… and actually, this album is
a project album, but we wanted to really make this a special
album with good music for future musicians and for our purpose
of us doing this project album to be expressed… so of course it
was very fun doing this album, but we also really took it serious
and worked hard to put it together.

Female host: KT, you have been producing others and JH is a
solo artist…and HS is a member of Shinhwa…was there a
particular reason why you chose HS to be a member of your group?
HS: (laughter) Oh, you don’t know why?
JH: (jokes) I finally agreed to it at the last minute…

Male host: So what type of combination was created by the 3 of you?
JH: (jokes) Actually, you can say that HS and I chose a producer
(pointing to KT).(laughter)
KT: Well, since this is a project, we wanted to have fun…and so we
thought that working with real close friends would be good – and
the 3 of us have been good friends for a long time…and with
HS, since he’s a lead vocalist for Shinhwa…

Female host: Have you ever considered having a female
vocalist in your group – S?
HS: Oh…well the thought…(hesitation)
Female host: How about hearing from the others?
JH: Then we’ll fight…
Male host: With most teams/groups, there’s usually a leader —
of the 3 of you, which would you say has the loudest voice?
HS: Well, when we’re recording in the studio, since KT is our
producer, we’ll tend to follow his direction…but when we’re
performing, there’s really no need for a leader and so…
JH: We each know what our parts are and so we really don’t
say there’s a leader…we each compromise well with each
other and we have good teamwork.

Male host then says that there’s going to be a little break and
asks if S watches Wide Mnet…JH says, “why of course” then HS
says, “oh yes…” as JH and KT look on…but HS doesn’t finish his
sentence — JH and KT tease HS asking him to finish what he was
going to say…but HS responds that he doesn’t know what he’s
saying…then while the camera is off of S, JH and KT ask HS,
“are you mad? Oh…he’s mad now.” teasing further…^^

Then you see the screen with the arrows…it just says:
1st line: Meeting at the studio (Wide Star)
2nd line: Group S’ 3 charming men!
3rd line: KT, JH, HS
4th line: An even more exciting meeting —

Thanks N’Mod

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